Why Those With An Irregular Heartbeat Need A Heart Monitor For Exercise

Irregular heartbeats can be a scary issue that impacts millions of people around the world every year. Those who want to exercise while suffering from this concern should invest in medical equipment like a home heart monitor to ensure that they stay healthy and safe. Causes Of Irregular Heartbeat Those who suffer from an irregular heartbeat typically have one or more problems that cause this concern. For example, electrolyte imbalances can be a major contributor to this problem.

3 Things That Neurologists Look At When Choosing A Treatment Option For A Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are handled in various ways. In some cases, surgery is performed so that the tumor can be physically removed. In other cases, chemotherapy or radiation treatment are chosen as the preferred option. Different people's cases are handled differently based on various factors. These are some of the things that neurologists look at when choosing the best treatment option for a brain tumor. `1. The Size of the Brain Tumor

3 Changes To Make A Home Wheelchair Accessible

In the past, some families were forced to place their elderly parents in nursing homes after they became wheelchair bound. However, that has changed. Advances in accessibility equipment means that your parent can stay home even if he or she uses a wheelchair. His or her home will need modifications, but it is possible. To help you prepare your parent's home, here are a few suggestions you can implement.   Install a Walk In Tub 

Eat Your Way To Good Vision And Eye Health

Preserve your vision as you age and prevent conditions that can affect your eyesight, such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. The simplest way to do this is to eat a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals that provide good eye health. Make sure to read the labels of multi-vitamins to ensure you are getting plenty of these vision-friendly supplements in your daily diet. Some important vitamins and minerals for your eyes are:

Early-Onset Presbyopia: Understanding The Symptoms And Getting A Vision Test

Presbyopia is a problem that typically occurs when people age. It is caused by a decreased flexibility in the eye lens that will cause farsightedness. Early symptoms of it typically occur when people are around 40 or so, but early onset can occur in those who are younger. Understanding how it can occur and how a vision test can help is crucial to getting help. Symptoms Of Early Onset People in their 20s or 30s may suffer an early onset of this vision problem and end up needing vision help a lot sooner.