6 Pieces Of Misinformation Out There About Drug & Alcohol Testing

If you need to undergo or carry out drug and alcohol testing, it's important that you don't believe the misinformation out there about drug and alcohol tests.

The following are six common pieces of misinformation out there about drug and alcohol testing

A person can test positive for marijuana due to secondhand marijuana smoke.

Some individuals who have been around marijuana smoke fear that they may not be able to pass a drug test due to secondhand smoke in their system. However, this is extremely unlikely. An individual cannot typically breathe in enough secondhand marijuana smoke to test positive for marijuana in a drug test. 

Drug tests always analyze an individual's urine.

Although urine tests are a common type of drug test, they are not the only type available. Drug tests can also use blood, saliva, and even hair to determine if an individual has recently consumed drugs or alcohol and still has these substances in their system. 

Detoxing agents can always allow a person to pass a drug & alcohol test more quickly.

There are products known as "detox kits" on the market that supposedly purge an individual's system of drugs quickly so that they can pass a drug test. Not only are these products not reliably effective, but they can also be unhealthy to use in some cases. 

Individuals can avoid drug testing because it's against their rights.

Individuals can legally be made to undergo drug and alcohol testing in numerous situations. For example, mandatory drug testing does not violate the rights of an individual who is being prosecuted for certain crimes involving drugs and alcohol.

Companies can also put prospective employees through drug testing. Drug testing of employees is also required by many government agencies. 

Individuals can know exactly when they'll test negative for drugs and alcohol.

Everyone's body processes drugs differently. Also, factors that vary widely among individuals such as drug consumption amount and duration impact how long it takes for drugs to leave one's system.

All this means that it's impossible to know precisely how long it will take until an individual can pass a drug test after consuming illicit substances.

Individuals cannot be penalized for cheating on drug & alcohol tests.

Trying to cheat a drug test can have severely negative consequences. Companies may fire employees who have been found to have cheated on a drug test. It is even possible for individuals to be prosecuted for trying to cheat on drug and alcohol tests in certain states.