Tips For A More Comfortable Brow Lift Recovery

A brow lift can really elevate your look and help restore youthfulness throughout the upper face. While it is less invasive and comes with a shorter recovery period than a full face lift, it is still a surgical procedure, and you'll still need to spend a few weeks allowing your body to heal. Here are a few tips to help ensure your brow lift recovery period is as comfortable as possible.

Keep your head elevated.

Your head is at the top of your body, so keeping it elevated is a lot easier than keeping, say, your foot elevated. But the one time you will want to think about this is when you're sleeping. Rather than lying flat or using just one pillow, you should consider sleeping with your upper body on an incline. This will help keep your brow area from getting too inflamed. Fluid will more easily drain down from the surgical site and back towards your heart. Use plenty of pillows to support your back, head, and neck, and consider placing a few to either side of you so that you don't roll over in your sleep and disrupt your incisions.

Stick to soft foods.

You did not have surgery on your mouth or jaw, so sticking with soft foods might sound like a strange recommendation. But if you pay attention the next time you chew something hard, you'll realize that the muscles in your upper face are more involved than you'd think! So, sticking with soft foods for at least a week after your brow lift will help keep this area from becoming too sore and worn out.

Don't get your face wet.

If you get your face wet, you will soften any scabs that have begun to form over your incisions, which may slow down the healing process. So, for at least a week and up to two weeks, you will want to avoid getting your whole face wet. You can shower, but do not put your face or head under the water. When you wash your face, do so with a wash cloth, and make sure you don't directly touch the area around your brow.

When you are fully recovered from your brow lift, you will love the new, tighter look that your face has! And with the tips above, your recovery should not even be all that painful. Talk to your doctor to learn more about a brow lift.