What Types Of At-Home Addiction Recovery Services Are Available?

If you or somebody you love is trying to recover from addiction, you might be familiar with at-home addiction services. While you may know that they are available, you might not know exactly which option is right for you.

If you're thinking about at-home addiction recovery, these are some of the options you might consider.

Detox at Home

One of the first components of addiction recovery is detox. During detox, the patient is able to get over a dependence on substances. Detox can be dangerous depending on the substance you are trying to stop using, and you may need a treatment provider available to help you through the process.

Even medical detox may be performed at home. In fact, it may be more comfortable for you to do this at home so you can avoid being in new surroundings.

Therapy and Counseling

Through therapy and counseling sessions, you will learn new coping skills. These skills are strategies you can use to stay sober and avoid substances again in the future. For example, you might learn how to manage some of your intrusive thoughts that lead to triggering activities.

If you or somebody else has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, you may receive treatment for this condition as well as addiction. This will allow you to address other issues that might be prompting you to use.

Medication Treatment

Additionally, you may be able to use medication to maintain some stability. For example, you can use substances like suboxone to avoid cravings and to prevent yourself from using other substances in the future as well.


Do you want some accountability? At-home recovery options may involve regular drug and alcohol tests to ensure that you are sticking with your program. When you know you are being held accountable for your actions, you may be more likely to use coping strategies.


Treatment is not over just because you have completed a program. Aftercare is crucial, and it involves several steps that help you hold on to sobriety. Aftercare may include solo therapy, family counseling, and even sober living.

Speak With a Treatment Provider

If you are trying to find at-home addiction recovery services, you have a lot of options available. Your next step is to make sure that you have a provider you can count on. Make an appointment to speak with a professional today to learn more about your treatment options.