Craniosacral Massage Therapy: Potential Positive Effects For You

As you think about making an appointment for massage therapy, consider trying a type of therapy many people are unfamiliar with. This technique is called craniosacral therapy. It involves a gentle massage on the skull to relieve tension throughout the body. Research has identified some specific uses for certain health problems, and it also is excellent for stress-relief effects. About Craniosacral Massage This therapy uses a light touch on the bones of the skull.

3 Ways To Combat The Winter Time Blues

Feeling down is a common condition many people share during the winter. The sun-filled days of summer are still months away before you can go outside to play and enjoy the fresh air. People naturally struggle with the "winter-time blues" during this time of year and many seek help to relieve the symptoms of depression they are feeling. Here are 3 things you can do on a regular basis to stop the wintertime from being so depressing.

What's Your Health Grade? - Behavioral Health In The Digital Age

When you go to the doctor's office and complete various questionnaires related to your exercise routine, sleep schedule, dietary habits, hobbies, and even your occupation, a detailed health profile is created. It may be somewhat inconvenient, but physicians collect this type of data to help improve their records and assist their patients. Behavioral health EHR not only makes the data collection process easier for doctors, it also helps to improve accuracy and keep all information in a centralized and easily accessible location.

Dealing With Hyperkyphosis Pain? How A Pain Management Center Can Help

When you're diagnosed with a chronic back condition such as hyperkyphosis, it means that you'll have to find a way to manage pain on a long-term basis. In many cases, that means working with a pain management specialist in addition to your physical therapy. Here's a look at what you can expect from a pain management center. Medications One of the first things that your pain management specialist will explore is the medication options that may help ease your discomfort.

Three Signs That You May Need To Visit The Obstetrician/Gynecologist

An obstetrician/gynecologist, also known as an Obgyn, is a medical doctor who specializes in female reproductive health.  These medical professionals understand how to treat issues dealing with pregnancy and female sexuality.  If you are a female who is over the age of 21, it's recommended that you have a complete pelvic exam performed at least once per year.  However, there may be other issues that arise between visits, making it necessary for you to see your Obgyn on a more frequent basis.