Sore Eyes? Try These Four Tips

Eye pain should always be taken seriously because it could be a sign of a serious injury or illness. However, you can try some home remedies first as long as you aren't experiencing blurred vision or severe discomfort. Here are four steps you can take if your eyes are feeling sore. Take off your contacts. Contact lenses are useful for people who don't like wearing glasses, but they can contribute to eye fatigue.

Types Of Home Health Care Covered By Medicare

If you are on Medicare, you are probably well aware that it covers certain types of medical care such as office visits, routine screenings, and outpatient services. But what happens if you come down with a medical condition or you get injured, but you're not necessarily sick enough to be in the hospital? You'll be glad to know that by having Medicare, there are some things that are covered so that you will be able to receive some treatment at home.

Exploring The Benefits Of Outpatient Drug Rehab Services

Making the choice to break an addiction to drugs can be one the toughest and most important choices you will ever make in your life. You will have many decisions to make about stopping your addiction, one being rehabilitation services. Many addicts choose in-patient rehabilitation services because their addiction is severe and their withdrawal would require medical supervision. However, you may be more comfortable recovering through outpatient rehab services. Find out more about how outpatient rehab can help you get clean and back on track.

3 Natural Herbs You Can Use To Treat Pain And Inflammation In Your Ankle Caused By Arthritis

Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis of the ankle are degenerative diseases that typically get worse as you age. Arthritis occurs when the tissue and bone around the ankle get injured and inflamed. The injury and inflammation often cause the cartilage between the bones in the ankle to deteriorate. This can become a painful condition that can hamper your ability to walk on an ankle. There are a number of natural herbal supplements that you can take to help treat the inflammation and ease the pain and discomfort you feel.

Stuck In Perimenopause? Should You Seek Hormone Replacement Therapy?

If you feel like you've been dealing with the symptoms of perimenopause for years with no sign of menopause in sight, you may be wondering whether you can preemptively begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help put an end to the mood swings, hot flashes, and other unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms you've been experiencing. However, undergoing an HRT regimen while your own hormones are still adjusting can be challenging. Read on to learn more about the specific changes you're undergoing during perimenopause and when HRT may be the right choice for you.