5 Questions To Ask An Oncologist

If you have just been diagnosed with cancer, you may feel scared and unsure of what to do. Although cancer is a serious illness, there have been a lot of advances in treatment. Your next step is to schedule an appointment with a reputable oncologist. Do not be afraid to ask questions about your condition.

Here are a few questions to ask an oncologist

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have Treating This Type of Cancer?

There are many types of cancers, and not all of them may respond to the same types of treatment. For example, pancreatic cancer may require more aggressive treatment than basal cell carcinoma. That is why you should ask an oncologist how many years of experience they have treating your type of cancer.

Ideally, you want to work with an oncologist who has extensive experience treating your kind of cancer.

What Are the Treatment Options?

As mentioned before, there have been a lot of advances in cancer treatments in recent years. That means people are surviving longer. When you meet an oncologist, find out about your available treatment options. Common treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. Ask about the benefits and risks of each treatment.

How Does a Patient Deal With the Side Effects of Treatment?

Cancer treatments can be very successful, but they may come with side effects, like nausea, fatigue, or hair loss. However, it is possible to manage these side effects. During your appointment with an oncologist, you should ask how you can deal with the side effects.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials may be available for some cancer patients and may be quite successful. That is why it does not hurt to ask your oncologist about clinical trials you may qualify for.

What Is the Cost of Treatment?

It is no surprise that treating cancer can be very expensive. Even if you have health insurance, you may still have out-of-pocket. When you see an oncologist, don't hesitate to ask about the cost of treatment. If you are afraid that you can't afford treatment, your oncologist may help you find financial assistance programs.

When you see an oncologist, be sure to ask all of these questions. Consider writing these questions down so that you do not forge them. Schedule an appointment with a reputable oncologist as soon as possible to discuss all of your options.