Three Reasons Why You Should Rent A Hyperbaric Chamber Instead Of Buying It

Normal air pressure does not allow the lungs to absorb as much oxygen as an environment with higher air pressure. With the use of a hyperbaric chamber, a patient will be able to experience health benefits. However, if you have patients who are interested in hyperbaric chamber services, you might wonder whether you should purchase a chamber or rent one.

1. Try Before You Buy

Purchasing a hyperbaric chamber might make sense in the long run if you are using it frequently, but it might make more sense to rent a hyperbaric chamber if you aren't sure if you want to use this type of equipment. Then, you can familiarize your customers with the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber and you can decide in the future whether you would like to purchase one.

When renting a hyperbaric chamber, you will usually need to make a deposit that is the equivalent of a single month's rent. Then, you will need to make regular monthly payments. If you will be renting the hyperbaric chamber for a longer period, you might think that it's a better idea to purchase one. However, if you rent a chamber, you won't have to worry about maintenance and you will always have access to a relatively new hyperbaric chamber.

2. Rent a Chamber to Send Home with a Patient

In some cases, it might also be impractical for a patient to come to the clinic regularly to use the hyperbaric chamber. Therefore, it might make more sense to rent one in the short term so your patient can keep it within their home and enjoy the benefits of using a hyperbaric chamber.

The hyperbaric chamber is more effective when it is used for several hours a day. However, when a hyperbaric chamber is used in a clinic, it's inconvenient to have sessions that last for several hours. Therefore, you might make the decision to have your patient rent a hyperbaric chamber so they can use it for an extended period of time. 

3. Try Different Types of Chambers

Another great thing about renting a hyperbaric chamber is that you will be able to try out different chambers to determine which type you would like to offer. Hyperbaric chambers vary in the sizes they come in and the type of mattresses they use. When you find the most comfortable type of chamber, you will be able to offer the best customer service.

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