What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Root Canal When You Are Fearful?

Root canals have not always had the best reputation. When you get the news that you need a root canal, you may have an immediate negative reaction. Fortunately, the technology to treat most oral issues, including root canals, has come a very long way. Root canals are no longer the scary experience you may have heard about. In fact, there are many benefits to getting a root canal to treat a tooth. The following are some examples.

You Can Keep Your Natural Tooth

Whenever possible, it is best to keep as much of a natural tooth in place. There are many benefits to retaining a natural tooth versus having it extracted. When a tooth is extracted, the nerves and bone the tooth was attached to begin to deteriorate. Over time, the other teeth surrounding the empty space can begin to shift and possibly loosen.

When you opt to have a root canal, the dentist will retain as much of your natural tooth as possible. The dentist will clean out all of the dead tissue and broken tooth material. Once the area is clean, the dentist will place a crown over the natural tooth to give it a more natural structure. You will still be able to eat and speak normally, and your tooth will look nice as well.

Your Pain Will End

A toothache is very painful. If you have a tooth that requires a tooth canal to fix, you can rest assured that all the issues causing the pain will ease. Once you are in the dentist's chair, you may be worried about experiencing additional pain during the root canal. Fortunately, once the dentist numbs the area, you will not feel anything. After the root canal is over, you will notice that your tooth pain is essentially gone. You may have a short recovery time in which you need to use a cold compress or over-the-counter pain medication, but this is temporary.

Your Insurance Will Cover a Root Canal

Another reason you may be putting off a root canal is the cost. If you have dental insurance, some or all of a root canal should be covered. Root canals are common, everyday procedures and are seen as a necessity for many oral issues. Do not assume you cannot afford a root canal. Even if you do not have insurance, the cost is typically reasonable. Many dental practices have payment plans in place to help you pay for your root canal treatment.