Top Reasons Why Pregnancy Care Is So Important

Discovering that she is pregnant is a big milestone in most women's life. Many women are very excited to learn of her pregnancy, while others may be surprised or overwhelmed at first. If you are newly pregnant, one of the first things that you should do is contact your OB/GYN or local women's clinic to make an appointment. During your initial appointment you pregnancy will be confirmed, and you will be able to schedule future appointments as well. Pregnancy care is very important, both for the fetus and the mother. Some of the top reasons why pregnancy care is so important include:

Determine Gestational Age

Not all women know how far along they are when they discover that they are pregnant. Some women have very irregular periods, or may experience spotting, making it difficult to figure out when the baby was conceived. Some forms of birth control (which can fail and lead to pregnancy) may lead to a women not having a monthly period. When you see a doctor for pregnancy care, he or she will be able to determine the gestational age and the due date. This is usually done by using ultrasound to look at the fetus and measure the size of him or her to figure out when conception occurred and when the baby will be born.

Discover Problems Early

If you want to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby, seeing a doctor for pregnancy care is essential. During your pregnancy, your doctor will closely monitor you and the fetus closely to ensure that both of you are healthy. If an issue is found, such as poor fetal growth or a weak cervix in the mother, measures can be taken to correct the problem. In the event of major complications, a mother may need to see a specialist who specializes in high risk pregnancies.

Necessary Testing for Mother and Fetus

During pregnancy care, both the mother and fetus will undergo important tests. For example, a mother can have a blood test to determine is the fetus has any genetic problems. Regular ultrasounds as the fetus grows will also allow the doctor to determine if the fetus has any visible deformities with body parts or major organs. The mother will be tested for anemia, and if anemia is detected extra iron will be given. Expectant mothers are also tested for gestational diabetes, which can be dangerous for a woman and her fetus if it is not identified and controlled. 

If you just found out you are pregnant make sure to contact a pregnancy care facility.