Consider Early Port Wine Stain Treatment To Protect A Child's Self-Esteem

A person's self-image typically develops while they are quite young and may be delicate until they get the confidence to understand that looks don't matter as much as they think. Unfortunately, a port wine stain may influence a child's development in many ways. Thankfully, treatment options are available. 

Port Wine Stains Change a Child's Appearance

Port wine stains are simply a type of birthmark that develops in the womb before the child is born. There is nothing that can be done to predict the occurrence of these stains or how severe they may be on a child. And when they appear on the face, a child may look much different than they would have otherwise.

While a port wine stain doesn't deform a child or damage their skin, it does create a bright mark that they will carry with them into school and young adulthood. Unfortunately, this common situation may become difficult for a child if their peers choose to mock them for their port wine stain.

Appearance Bullying Can Affect A Child's Whole Life

While a child with a port wine stain has no reason to be ashamed for their appearance, their peers may not think the same thing. Young children – and some adults – have a hard time understanding why people look different than them and may question the difference or even mock it.

This type of behavior – known as appearance bullying – can devastate a child's self-esteem. Some individuals who are mocked for their appearance when they are young never get over the teasing. As a result, parents should seriously consider high-quality treatment for this situation ASAP.

Treatment Helps Children Overcome These Issues

Treatment for port wine stains come in a multitude of different approaches. For example, a child may simply wear makeup to cover the birthmark, though this only does so much to help. Laser surgery might be an option if a doctor inspects the mark and thinks that this treatment is safe.

Experts state that laser surgery of this type typically eliminates about 80 percent of all port wine stains. However, a child may not have strong enough skin for such a treatment. As a result, they may need to wait awhile to get this surgery, especially if they are still very young.

That's why parents of children with a port wine stain birthmark type should contact a dermatologist professional right away to learn more about other care options. These specialists can diagnose the best treatment option and provide a high-quality method for skin recovery.