How To Know If You Need To Go Back For An Early Eye Exam

Generally, most people will visit their eye doctor for an exam once a year. However, there might come a time when you need to go more often than that. To help you understand when you might have a need to call to schedule your appointment with your vision treatment doctor, you will want to review the following information.

Your Vision Is Not Well at Night

If you have found that it is becoming more and more difficult for you to drive at night, you will want to be seen by an eye doctor, like those at Macomb Eye Care Specialists. Your eye care professional might be able to help you with a different prescription that you can wear at night as opposed to other glasses that you might wear during the day.

You Are Noticing Black Spots in Your Peripheral Vision

Should you begin to notice that you are seeing black spots, or even entire lines of blackness, in your peripheral vision. You want to find out what the cause of this and if the problem can be reversed or at least stopped from progressing any further. Until you get to that appointment, try to not focus so much on those black spots, as you do not want to cause yourself unnecessary stress or fear.

Your Getting an Excessive Number of Migraines

If you are getting a lot more migraines than you used to, and your primary care doctor is not able to find out why it is happening, you will want to make an appointment with your eye care doctor. Sometimes, when eyes are under a lot of strain, migraines can become a problem. There is a chance that your prescription has changed and that it changed so quickly that your eyes are having a hard time adjusting. The sooner your eye care doctor changes your prescription and you start using the new glasses or contacts, the sooner you should see the migraines disappear. There is also a chance that there is something else going wrong with your eyes that is causing the migraines, and your eye care doctor will be able to perform the proper tests to determine if that is the case.

It is important to make sure that you are calling to schedule your appointment as soon as you can, as some vision problems can get a lot worse really quick. The sooner you call, the sooner you will be able to be seen and receive a diagnosis and treatment.