The Benefits Of Switching To A Compounding Pharmacy For Your Dermatology Medications

The skin is the body's largest organ. Many patients need specialized care to keep their skin healthy, comfortable, and looking its best. Prescription medications can be utilized to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Working with a compounding pharmacy may be the best way to gain access to the medications you need to better care for your skin.

Customized Dosages

Prescription medications obtained through traditional pharmacies often come pre-mixed in popular concentrations. If you have a prescription that specifies a less common concentration, you might not be able to obtain what you need from a traditional pharmacy.

A compounding pharmacy mixes all medications dispensed to order. This feature allows you and your dermatologist to work together to create a prescription medication dosage that is specifically formulated to meet your skin care needs.

Discontinued Medications

The availability of pre-mixed prescription medications can vary based on demand and profitability. While a specific medication might work well to treat your skin disorder, the manufacturer might decide to discontinue that medication.

A compounding pharmacy allows you to continue using the formulation best suited to meet your needs. You won't have to test out other medications when your prescription becomes discontinued, because a compounding pharmacist can recreate the original formula on your behalf.

Ease of Application

Most prescription medications must be taken or applied daily to achieve the best results. If you find that your prescription drug routine is started to become a burden, you should talk to your dermatologist about switching to a compounding pharmacy.

A compounding pharmacist will be able to work with your doctor to evaluate all of the medications you are taking to care for your skin. A specialized formula that combines all of these medications (in the proper percentages) into a single base. You can apply one product and still enjoy the same benefits that you were receiving through the use of multiple medications.

Reduced Sensitivity

If you are battling a skin condition, you might find that you are sensitive to certain ingredients found in traditional pre-mixed medications. Some patients even have allergies that make exposure to some of the ingredients found in prescriptions drugs deadly.

A compounding pharmacist can create a special formula that is free from preservatives, dyes, or other ingredients that might irritate your sensitive skin or cause an allergic reaction. This service can make your medications more enjoyable by reducing the negative side effects you suffer when using pre-mixed medications to treat your skin condition.

If you could benefit from a compounding pharmacy for your dermatology medications, contact Camelback Compounding Pharmacy today.