3 Things That Neurologists Look At When Choosing A Treatment Option For A Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are handled in various ways. In some cases, surgery is performed so that the tumor can be physically removed. In other cases, chemotherapy or radiation treatment are chosen as the preferred option. Different people's cases are handled differently based on various factors. These are some of the things that neurologists look at when choosing the best treatment option for a brain tumor.

`1. The Size of the Brain Tumor

First of all, your neurologist will look at your brain tumor itself to help determine how it should be treated. For example, the size of your brain tumor makes a difference. When caught early, surgery is often a good choice for removing small brain tumors. For bigger brain tumors, removal might not be an option, or some fragments of the brain tumor could be left behind after surgery.

2. The Placement of the Brain Tumor

Another thing that your neurological team will have to look at when determining what to do about your brain tumor is the placement of the brain tumor. If the brain tumor is located in certain parts of the brain, surgery could be too dangerous, since it could cause damage to other parts of the brain in the process. If the brain tumor has spread, your neurological team will have to look into treatment options that will address the issue.

3. The Patient's Overall Health

Your overall health does have an impact on the treatment option that will be best for your brain tumor. Radiation and chemotherapy can be hard on the body, so your care team will have to determine which option is best and how to keep you as healthy as possible in the process. If your neurological team is thinking that surgery might be the best choice, they will have to look at your overall health to ensure that it is safe for you to go into surgery.

If you or someone you know has a brain tumor, you might be concerned about how it is going to be treated. Today's modern medicine offers several different neurological services and treatment options, but there is not a one-size-fits-all type of treatment for a brain tumor. Instead, your neurologist will look at these things and more -- and may talk to you about the pros and cons of your different options so that you can give your opinion -- before determining how to proceed with treating your brain tumor. Making sure that you work with the best neurological team possible can help you ensure that your tumor is treated in the best way possible.