3 Changes To Make A Home Wheelchair Accessible

In the past, some families were forced to place their elderly parents in nursing homes after they became wheelchair bound. However, that has changed. Advances in accessibility equipment means that your parent can stay home even if he or she uses a wheelchair. His or her home will need modifications, but it is possible. To help you prepare your parent's home, here are a few suggestions you can implement.  

Install a Walk In Tub 

Since getting in and out of the bathtub without assistance will be challenging, your parent needs an option that would allow him or her to still have regular showers without the need to rely on others. A wheelchair shower does this.  

The walk in tub's entrance is wide enough that your parent can wheel into tub with ease. Once in the tub, your parent can bathe without fear that water will flood the rest of the bathroom. The door seals and keeps water from leaking out. Once he or she is finished bathing or showering, your parent can drain the water and leave out of the tub without issue.  

Widen the Doors 

Most wheelchairs can move through doorways without problem. However, some doorways are narrow and do not allow enough room to maneuver. If your parent's chair fits too tightly through the door or he or she simply wants more room for moving through the doorway, you have a couple of options available to you.  

You can choose to have all of the doorways remodeled to allow more room. If the budget is an issue, you can simply remove the frame of the door or opt for offset hinges instead. Both options would give your parent a couple more inches to navigate through the doorways.  

Update the Sinks 

One of the biggest challenges your parent will face is using the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. He or she will not be able to move closer to reach the faucets due to the limitations caused by the wheelchair. You can make it easier for your parent by removing the current sink and replacing it with a lower sink that has the faucet and its controls moved to the side.  

There is also the option of removing the vanity from the bathroom sink and leaving the exposed plumbing. This will allow room for your parent to move closer to the faucet and controls. If you opt for this method, be sure to insulate the plumbing to avoid burns from hot water. 

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