Early-Onset Presbyopia: Understanding The Symptoms And Getting A Vision Test

Presbyopia is a problem that typically occurs when people age. It is caused by a decreased flexibility in the eye lens that will cause farsightedness. Early symptoms of it typically occur when people are around 40 or so, but early onset can occur in those who are younger. Understanding how it can occur and how a vision test can help is crucial to getting help.

Symptoms Of Early Onset

People in their 20s or 30s may suffer an early onset of this vision problem and end up needing vision help a lot sooner. Common symptoms of this problematic condition and its early onset in people of this age include the following:

  • Headaches after reading
  • Excessive eyestrain when working with small items
  • Inability to read small print
  • Need for bright light when doing close work
  • Having to hold an item at arm's length to read it
  • Squinting regularly
  • Problems focusing on items nearby

What causes a person to start showing symptoms of this vision disease when they are so young? There are a variety of risk factors that influence the development of this disease and which help contribute to an early onset of it.

Risk Factors For Early Onset

Understanding the various risk factors for early onset of presbyopia can help a person gauge whether or not they are at risk of developing it. These include:

  • Diabetes – This health problem causes a variety of vision difficulties.
  • Multiple sclerosis – Those who suffer from this life-threatening disease often lose flexibility in their eyes early and develop this condition as a result.
  • Health disease – High blood pressure can cause constricted blood vessels in the eye that cause the lens to lose flexibility.
  • Taking certain medications – Antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics can cause early onset, particularly if taken regularly.

The best way to gauge this problem is to get a vision test from a certified eye specialist. They can help diagnose the problem and find a way to treat it.

How A Vision Test Can Help

Vision tests for presbyopia help diagnose this problem quickly and let a person get the treatment they need to manage it. This typically includes eye glasses or contact lenses, which help correct the problematic vision caused by this problem. Without a vision test, this condition could progress to the point where a person's vision is seriously impacted.

Letting vision problems like this become serious is a dangerous way of managing vision problems. Instead of letting this happen, it is important to just get an eye exam and let the professionals manage it in a way that encourages healing and vision strength. Contact a location like Advanced  Eye Care &  Surgery Center to learn more.