3 Ways That Your OBGYN Can Help You With Family Planning

When it comes to planning when you want to have children and how far apart you would like them to be, this is a big decision. While there is no way to have 100% control over this, there are certain things that you can do to at least try and plan when you are trying to have children. One person that can really help you out with this, whether you aren't currently ready to have children or whether your want them but haven't yet been successful in conceiving, is an OBGYN doctor. This article will discuss 3 ways that your OBGYN can help you with family planning. 

Birth Control

If you are currently not ready to have children, then your OBGYN doctor can be a great help when it comes to choosing what form of birth control is best for you. Since birth controls have different levels of hormones in them, they can definitely have an effect on women. Your OBGYN will be able to help you find a birth control with the level of hormone that works for you and keeps you feeling the most normal. They can also talk about different forms of birth control, such as pills, IUDs, a shot in the arm, condoms, and more. This will help you to know all of your options before making an informed decision. 

Fertility Treatment 

One the other side of things, if you are someone that would really like to get pregnant, but have been trying for quite some time without success, then your OBGYN can help you to see if there is anything wrong with either you or your spouse. The two of you can receive testing, and from there the appropriate fertility treatments can be put into effect. Depending on whether or not any issues are found, you may simply need to take medication or you may need to have in vitro.

Natural Family Planning 

If you would simply like help knowing the best times to try to get pregnant each month and how to try and naturally plan out your family, your OBGYN can help you out with this as well. She can look at the woman's period cycle and from there chart the days when she is ovulating. These are going to be the days when sexual intercourse is recommended to get pregnant. The doctor can also discuss with both you and your spouse certain sexual positions and other methods that can aid in helping you conceive. 

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