How To Stop Your Broken Braces From Irritating Your Mouth

When your braces break a wire, the best solution is to see an orthodontist who can quickly perform the repairs necessary to prevent your braces from becoming even more damaged. This is not considered an emergency, but isn't something to delay either. In the meantime, you will likely need to repair your braces and prevent the wires from poking the inside of your mouth.

Reposition The Wire

Try to reposition the wire. If you are struggling to do so with your fingers, use tweezers or a pencil. If you are using a pencil, use the eraser end. Use a mirror to aid in seeing where you are placing the wire. If you are using tweezers, try to grab the middle of the wire so you can more easily manipulate it. Try to slide the wire back into its bracket.

Use Orthodontist Wax On Broken Wires

To keep the broken wire from poking your gums or the inside of your mouth, apply orthodontist wax on it. Not only can this reduce how much it may poke or scrape the inside of your mouth, but it will be easier to hold the wire securely inside the bracket. Try the wire with a cotton ball so the saliva will not interfere with the wax. Roll the wax into a ball and place it at the edge of the bracket. Try to prevent anything from touching the wax until it dries.

Clip The Wire

Sometimes the wire will not return to its proper position. To prevent the wire from irritating the inside of your mouth, you may wish to simply clip the wire. Then, your orthodontist can replace it. Fingernail clippers are the best tools for cutting the wires because they are readily available and you're less likely to hurt yourself. If you cannot remove all of the wire, there might be a sharp edge that can still cause irritation. Cover the edge with orthodontic wax.

Use Orthodontist Wax On Exposed Wire

Sometimes, your braces aren't even broken, but the process of your teeth shifting can cause your wires to become exposed. You should simply apply orthodontic wax to the exposed ends to prevent mouth irritation.

Treat Any Sores

If you have a sore resulting from the wire frequently poking the inside of your mouth, apply salt water to the area to reduce swelling and any infection. Use one teaspoon of salt for every six ounces of water

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