4 Ways To Pay For Home Health Care

Good home health care can make the difference between your parent having to live in a nursing home or staying in his or home. However, the costs of in-home care can sometimes seem more than you and your family can handle. Fortunately, there are ways you can raise the money to meet the expense. Here are some suggested sources. 

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouses

If your parent was previously married to someone who qualified for Social Security retirement benefits, there is a possibility that your parent can file for benefits based on the ex's eligibility. In order to qualify, your parent had to be married for at least 10 years to his or her ex. 

If your parent is approved for benefits, he or she could receive a lump sum payment for any months that the ex received benefits. Your parent could be entitled to up to half of the ex's benefit amount. The Social Security Administration can help your parent determine eligibility and how much he or she can receive. 

VA Special Pension

The VA Special Pension program could possibly pay your parent additional funding to help cover the costs of care if your parent was in the military. In order to qualify, your parent has to have served one day or more in active duty at a time when the country was at war. Your parent has to also need assistance to perform everyday tasks, such as getting dressed. 

Reverse Mortgage 

If your parent owns a home, he or she can use it to qualify for a special loan. The loan amount is based on the equity in the home. The money that your parent would receive is tax-free, and there are no payments to make during the loan's term. Your parent can opt to receive the money in a lump sum or payments. There are no limitations to what your parent can use the money for. Once the loan is approved, your parent can choose to do whatever he or she wants with it. 

Income Taxes

One other option that you can use to help cover your parent's home health care expenses is to claim him or her on your income taxes. Your parent could be considered a dependent, which could result in more money in your pocket at income tax time. You can then use that money to pay health care expenses. 

There are other ways you can meet the cost of home health care. Talk to the agency you are considering for more ideas to pay, including possible payment plans through the agency. For more information, contact All Stat Home Health or a similar location.