Important Hearing Aid Features For Children

Hearing aids come in many different styles, so parents have many options to choose from when fitting their children for a hearing aid. Here are some of the most important hearing aid features for children. 

Frequency Compression

For young children who are learning to recognize speech patterns, the right level of compression is a crucial aspect of hearing aids. For a good child hearing aid, choose a model that has strong frequency compression. 


The right hearing aid size will depend on how responsible the child is. Younger children might need to get one of the larger and more conspicuous models of hearing aid, such as an outer canal or behind-the-ear model. These will be easier for parents to adjust for their children, since they are less strict about placement. Older children may be more concerned with the appearance of their hearing aids, and so a smaller, in-the-canal model would be a good choice. 

Push Buttons

Some hearings aids include user friendly push buttons that would allow the child to quickly adjust the volume of their hearing aid, or even to turn the hearing aid off altogether if they are getting too much feedback in a certain environment. Some hearing aids can even be fitted with a remote control, so that parents can quickly adjust the volume and settings on the child's hearing aid in case of an emergency. 

Device Connectivity

Some of the newer models of hearing aids allow children to connect their hearing aids to other devices, such as a wireless phone or a bluetooth chip. Having this connectivity can make children feel better about their hearing aids as a technological tool rather than a handicap. 

Battery Life 

Parents may want to choose a hearing aid with a more robust battery, simply to cut down on the maintenance time. Some of the behind the ear hearing aid models have batteries that can last for around a year or more. 

Of course, your child is not stuck with one model of hearing aid for the rest of his or her life. As your child grows, it may be wise to change the style or functionality of the hearing aid in order to accommodate different hobbies or educational needs. These ideas will get you started on thinking about the right hearing aid for your young child, and a hearing aid specialist can help you fill in the gaps to get the hearing aid model that's best for your child's needs. Contact a company like County Hearing And Balance for more information.