5 Clear-Cut, Compelling Reasons You Need To Start Running Today

If you're looking for a way to reduce your overall risk of disease, live longer and eat more carbs, then you need to start partaking in intense physical activity. Read on to find out why science says that you should start running on a regular basis.

1. Reduce Your Risk of Disease.

Both men and women have the ability to reduce their risk of developing cancers later in life simply by engaging in running and other intense workouts. When compared to those who do not, men who lead an active lifestyle are 24 percent less likely to develop cancer in their colon. For women, vigorous physical activity leads to a 30 percent reduced risk of developing breast cancer.

2. Live Longer.

That's probably enough said, but you probably want some proof, right? Research shows that middle-aged and older runners are able to benefit from a noteworthy survival advantage as well as a reduced risk of disability down the road. At the 19-year check-up for this study, only 15 percent of the runners had passed away, but 34 percent of the control group had died.

3. Have a Good Reason to Eat Some Carbs.

Many people avoid carbohydrates, assuming that they're bad for them and will make them gain weight. However, if you love your carbs, they may be able to help you during intense training. One study suggests that higher consumption of carbs during intense training (such as for a marathon) can help improve your performance as well as your mood. According to the study, this helps to reduce overreaching symptoms.

4. Give Your Memory a Boost.

Physical exercise can help the elderly maintain healthy brain activity, which is very important when it comes to preventing Alzheimer's disease. One study shows that oxidative stress can be reduced with physical exercise, such as running, and that general brain function can significantly improve. Another study shows that endurance training can help the elderly maintain their cognitive function, even if there is a family history of brain disease.

5. Improve Your Sex Life.

It's true; exercise can help improve your sex life as a whole, from your confidence to your performance. For men, studies show that one hour several times a week can improve sexual function, frequency of sex and satisfying orgasms. For women, intense exercise can not only help you become aroused quicker, but you will reach the big "O" faster and it will be far more intense.

Running is a fantastic form of exercise and has many benefits, as you just learned from the information above. However, it is still possible to suffer an injury. When this occurs, it is important to consult with a sports medicine physician to seek the most appropriate treatment so that you can successfully and quickly recover and get back to improving your life some more.