Overcoming Age-Related Sleep Difficulties

When you look back, you might remember a time when it was much easier for you to get a good night's rest. Your difficulty sleeping may be associated with age, but there are fortunately ways that you can improve how well you sleep when being cared for by a home health assistant.

Talk to Your Aide About Your Sleep

First, tell your home aide that you are having a difficult time sleeping. There may already be things your aide can do that could help you sleep better, including making adjustments to your home to make it darker, quieter and more comfortable.

Try to Limit Napping

If you are napping in the middle of the day, you should consider trying to stop this practice. Napping can disrupt the body's natural rhythms. You will get better sleep if you simply condition yourself to not napping. However, if you still are sleeping poorly and feel that you must nap, try to limit napping to 30 minutes a day. Ask your home health aide if he or she can wake you up after 30 minutes have passed.

Consult with Your Doctor

Your doctor is another important resource for improving your sleep. Getting to and from your doctor can be difficult without the assistance of a home health aide. When you arrive, the healthcare services provided by your doctor are typically coordinated with the services provided by your home health aide. For example, you may have a medication that could be adjusted or replaced to improve your sleep patterns. Then, your home health aide would be informed of these changes, such as a different dosage, and can remind you of your doctor's new instructions. With your medical records at hand, your doctor may be better able to determine the underlying cause of your difficulties sleeping and can provide a more informed solution. Make sure that your home health aide is informed about any health changes that your doctor has recommended.

Your home health aide will usually be responsible for recording the changes in your sleep patterns and may ask you about how you slept. The records kept by your aide can then help your doctor follow your progress and determine if a different approach might need to be taken to help you sleep better. Some home health care aides are also trained to perform massages or guide you through exercises that are designed to help you fall asleep. When you do begin to sleep better, you will feel more alert and you may not have to depend as much on your home health aide. To learn more, contact a business like ComForcare - Palm Beach Gardens.