3 Signs That Your Child Has A Hearing Impairment

Many children have problems with their hearing. These problems can go undetected for a dangerously long amount of time. If the child does not get the help that they need they could be at a loss for the rest of their life. Luckily, there are many signs that can help parents know if their young child has a problem with hearing. Here are some things that you should look for.

1. Delayed Speech

One of the biggest indicators that your child is not hearing properly is delayed speech. As a baby, you child might not have mimicked things like "da-da" or "ma-ma" instead, they seem to be uninterested in language.

As a toddler the child may not progress at all in their language. They might point to things, become incredibly frustrated when they don't get what they want, or use hand gestures to explain themselves. If you notice that your child is not making the same progress in speech as other children their age, you should have them evaluated. This may not be a problem with the child's ability to talk, but their ability to hear.

2. Responds Inappropriately To Questions and Commands

Another sign that your child is not hearing you is that they don't respond correctly to questions or commands. For example, if you call the child's name while their back is toward you, do they turn to you? If you ask your child a question, do they respond correctly? If they are unable to follow directions, simple commands, or simple questions they may have a problem with hearing.

In some cases the child only hears a small amount. Thus, they may learn a couple words, but have a hard time understanding sentences since they only pick up on a couple things.

3. Imitate Other Children

Some children who have a hard time hearing learn how to get by through following other children. They might watch other children and just do what they do because they don't understand what is going on around them. They might do whatever other children do at recess, get dressed at the same time as their sibling, only eat while others are eating etc., this is because the child is unable to hear the directions themselves, so they follow those around them.

If you are concerned at any time about your child's hearing it is important that you get them tested. If you discover the problem early on, you can get the child treatment at a place like Central Bucks Hearing Center so that they can communicate and hear properly.