A Foot Specialist For Every Season Of Life

When you think of a foot specialist, what do you think of? Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is an elderly grandparent with gout or bone spurs who has trouble getting around. Did you know that today's podiatrists treat many different foot related problems in people of all ages?

Here are some of the ways that a foot specialist can help people of all age groups:


When a baby is born, the hope and expectation is that he or she will be perfect, but occasionally a child may be born with a physical problem such as a clubfoot or webbed toes. A foot specialist may be one of the first doctors that this child encounters, and can be instrumental in helping him or her to grow up to lead a normal life.


As a child grows and begins to walk, a foot specialist may be needed to help correct toe walking that is caused by a neuromuscular disorder such as cerebral palsy, or simply a short Achilles Tendon. In cases where the tendon is the primary issue, a foot specialist can help you to determine whether simple exercises or an outpatient surgery is the right course of action.


In teens and young adults, the primary reason for seeing a foot specialist may be more injury or sports related. Athletes are very susceptible to foot injuries, especially if they wear improper shoes or have a tendency to run on the outsides of their feet. If not addressed, these problems can lead to lifelong issues such as bone spurs. Consulting a foot specialist, especially if you are having foot pain during or after activities is a great way to prevent further injury. 

Middle-Age Adults

It is often necessary for adults to visit a foot specialist in conjunction with treatment for other disorders such as diabetes, but it may also be wise to make an appointment if you have certain dermatological issues such as corns and callouses that can cause a lot of pain. 


The elderly may be the age group that most people associate with foot specialists, and that is for good reason. Often people pay very little attention to their feet until they are older and suffer from foot-related problems.

Things like gout (a form of arthritis), bone spurs, and osteoporosis can become debilitating for an older person. A foot specialist can help you to find treatment options that lessen the pain of these problems as well as improving your mobility.

No matter what season of life you are in, a foot specialist can help you to keep walking strong. To learn more, try contacting a professional like Christopher E. Hubbard, MD with any questions you have.