4 Tips For A Smooth C-Section Recovery

The latest data shows that 32.8% of births in the U.S. are now delivered by Cesarean section, so a pregnant woman has a good chance of undergoing this procedure depending on the specifics of her pregnancy. While a C-section is major abdominal surgery, most women recover without any major issues. If you think that you may deliver you baby via C-section, use the following tips to help make your recovery go smoothly:

Start Walking as Soon as Possible

In the first few hours after your C-section you will not be in any condition to be mobile, but when your postpartum nurses suggest trying to start walking it is in your best interest to try to move as much as possible. You will be sore, and you probably won't be able to walk very fast, but walking will help loosen your abdominal muscles and jumpstart your recovery.

Make Sure You Have Someone to Help You When You Leave the Hospital

Your obstetrician will not discharge you from the hospital until he or she is confident that you are healthy enough to leave, but getting out of the hospital does not mean that you will be ready to do everything that you used to do. In addition for caring for a new child, you will most likely be dealing with soreness and possibly pain, so it is important to have your significant other, a friend, or a family member on hand to help you in the first days and weeks after your C-section. Having help available will allow you to focus on your child and your recovery instead of worrying about the day to day things that need to be done around the house.

Stay on Top of Your Pain

Upon your discharge, your doctor will give you a prescription for a painkiller- follow the directions carefully to help keep the pain from your surgery at bay. It is much easier to manage pain and soreness by taking your painkillers as prescribed instead of waiting until you are in a lot of pain to take them.

Remember to Take it Easy

Some women start to feel better a week or two after surgery, which may make them more likely to try to resume their normal activity level. This can be a big mistake, because even though you are physically feeling better, your abdominal muscles and incision are still healing. Partaking in too much activity can cause your C-section incision to open, or injure your weakened abdominal muscles. Make sure you follow your doctor's instructions, and take it easy for several weeks.