3 Ways To Combat The Winter Time Blues

Feeling down is a common condition many people share during the winter. The sun-filled days of summer are still months away before you can go outside to play and enjoy the fresh air. People naturally struggle with the "winter-time blues" during this time of year and many seek help to relieve the symptoms of depression they are feeling. Here are 3 things you can do on a regular basis to stop the wintertime from being so depressing.

Go for Walks

People typically feel better when combating the wintertime blues when they go for regular walks outside. Many people don't go for walks in the winter because of the cold, but if you dress right, the cold really shouldn't be a problem on most days. The trick is to make sure that you dress in layers. The best way to dress is to start by putting on a layer of thermal undergarments, and then covering that layer by putting on a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, and a heavy coat. The problem could change from you being too cold to being too hot, but to cool off, all you'll have to do is remove a layer of clothing. You'll also want to wear a pair of boots with non-slip soles if you are going to be walking over ice and snow.

Take up Skiing

Winter time doesn't mean that all outside recreational activities have come to an end. Actually, the opposite is true. The winter time presents a whole list of activities to do that you can't do in the summer. Whether you're young or old, downhill skiing and spending time at a local ski lodge can be a lot of fun and will help you burn off stored energy. If going down a big hill doesn't suit your tastes, you can spend a few hours on the much smaller bunny hills to practice your skiing techniques. Spending some time sipping hot chocolate with a loved one by a roaring fire in the lodge is an added bonus.

Wintertime Photography

If you no longer have the physical ability to do something like skiing, think of other things you can do that are less strenuous, like wintertime photography. Snow and ice can radically change urban and natural landscapes. You can capture these changes by going outside and taking pictures. A nice walk through a grove of pine trees or along a waterfront will provide you with a different perspective of your surroundings while spending time outside to get a breath of fresh air.

A good trick to combat the wintertime blues is to not lock yourself away inside your house during the cold months. You need to get outside and enjoy the things winter has to offer. You may also want to consider speaking with a psychologist from a clinic such as Ghaly, Nasri - Ghaly Healing & Wellness Center. They can offer ideas that may work better for your specific situation.