Dealing With Hyperkyphosis Pain? How A Pain Management Center Can Help

When you're diagnosed with a chronic back condition such as hyperkyphosis, it means that you'll have to find a way to manage pain on a long-term basis. In many cases, that means working with a pain management specialist in addition to your physical therapy. Here's a look at what you can expect from a pain management center.


One of the first things that your pain management specialist will explore is the medication options that may help ease your discomfort. There are a number of medications beyond the traditional over-the-counter options.


These medications are designed for severe inflammatory health conditions. They are designed to react like cortisone treatments, and are only available with a prescription.

Opioid Medications

These medications are in the same family as morphine, and are designed to use for short-term pain issues. In rare situations, pain management providers may prescribe a medication like this to manage severe chronic pain conditions. If your hyperkyphosis requires surgery and spinal fusion, these medications can help you manage the recovery.

Advanced Treatments

In the case of hyperkyphosis, medication alone isn't typically enough to keep the pain at bay. There are some other physical treatment options that may help.

Nerve Blocks

If the curve in your spine is causing nerve pain in your back, a block may help you to go about your daily routine more comfortably. It eases the nerve response, soothing the pain.

Physical Therapy

Since hyperkyphosis causes strain on the muscles along your spine, physical therapy and even aquatic therapy have been proven to help ease pain. Strengthening the muscles along the spine adds more support to the area, which can help to mitigate the pain from the muscle tissue damage.

Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation has become a popular treatment option for hyperkyphosis, because it stimulates nerve fibers and draws the nerve response away from the problem area. When paired with heat, this can make a big difference in your pain levels.

Relaxation and Biofeedback

Most pain management centers also employ the services of counselors and mental health specialists who can teach you how to manage your own comfort levels by focusing your consciousness and relaxing your muscles. Stress management is equally important as part of this process, because your body tenses up when under stress, which can intensify pain responses.

With so many options available to keep your hyperkyphosis pain at bay, you may be able to maintain your normal routines much longer than you could without supportive care at places like Greater Cincinnati Pain Management Centers. In extreme cases, surgery is necessary to support your spine, but you can help mitigate the need for it with the care tips presented here.